Why company formation Netherlands?

Do you want to start a company in a foreign country? But you do want this country to offer you plenty of opportunities in order to grow your new business and to succeed in setting up the company? Then you may have already thought about starting up a business in this tiny country in Europe. This tiny country is the Netherlands of course, one of the most innovative countries that have a leading position in multiple industries. Are you not sure on company formation Netherlands? Or do you want some extra information about the Netherlands and how setting up a company would work, then this would be a good place to start. If you are seriously thinking about company formation Netherlands. then it might also be a good idea to research who might be able to help you. One company who can do this, and who is very experienced, is setupyourdutchcompany

So, why company formation Netherlands?

There are simply said various good reasons why you should, in fact, choose The Netherlands as the country where you will set up your business. What are these reasons then? You may wonder. Well, here are a couple of them listed for you. 

  • Company formation Netherlands allows you to pay less taxes than a company formation in another country in Europe. The Netherlands is among the countries who have the lowest tax rates, which is around 15 percent. This can be very attractive for you as an entrepreneur. 
  • Seeking for bilingual employees will not be any problem. The majority of the Dutch population is able to speak and understand English, and often another language like German or French too. 
  • Important and exporting your products, or receiving parts you need for your products will not be of any problem. This is due to the excellent infrastructure The Netherlands has. It has for example the harbor of Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport. Company formation Netherlands will therefore mean that your company will be in proper reach. 
  • The Netherlands is a part of the European Union, which means that you will not need to pay any VAT costs for transactions with other countries that are a member of the European Union. 

Company formation Netherlands: business structures

Now we went through the reasons why company formation Netherlands would be a good idea, it might also be good to get to know more about the process of setting up a Dutch company. One step in this process is deciding on what type of company you will set up. One example of a business structure for company formation Netherlands is the Dutch BV, or the private liability company. This is the option most foreign entrepreneurs choose. On reason is that there is no minimum amount of capital needed in order to set up this type of business. However, there is a private liability. It is also possible to have a partner when setting up this type of company. 

Are you still planning on starting up a business? Then you may now have chosen for company formation Netherlands. As said before, this is not easy and you may really want to get some help. That is why it is smart to consider Set Up Your Dutch Company in searching for help in company formation Netherlands. 

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