How to set up your nv company

How to start your own company in the Netherlands? This is a question many people, especially young entrepreneurs, ask themselves. You want to realise your own ideas? Step out of the box and become your own boss. Than what holds you back? Maybe you may experience a lot of concerns in the beginning, since you are lacking of certain knowledge on how to start your own business and you may fear that you will not succeed. But with the right tools, motivation and knowledge, you have a good set up to start off with your own idea and bring them to a next level. Intercompany solution can support you by providing you with the essential knowledge and tipps and tricks you may need to kick off your business. Weather you are planning to become a freelancer, open up a bv company or an nv company,”> provides you with just the right information you need.

Start your own nv company 

So if you are thinking about starting a business as a freelancer, you should consider to set up your company in your country. More and more freelancer start opening up their business in the Netherlands. But why is this the case? Well, foreign countries may offer great advantages that young entrepreneurs can benefit from. Especially when you have friends and family in the Netherlands but come from Germany, you may consider to set up your business in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is not only a country with political stability but also has one fo the lowest taxes rate in Europe. Therefore, many people dream about starting their own business in the Netherlands.  It is a very safe place to start your nv company. And the best thing it is not difficult at all. If you start as a freelancer or set up your nv company there are only a few standard procedures that you must consider before you can start with your nv company. When you follow those standard procedures correctly you will quickly be your own entrepreneur. But can anyone in the Netherlands set up a nv company? The answer to this is yes. There are no nationality restrictions here. However, you need a specific permit to stay legally in the Netherlands when you are staying outside of the EU. If you want to know more about this, than see the Dutch Business Website, that is linked above. 

Important documents

But what exactly do you need if you deicide to register your nv company? There are a number of documents that you need to prepare and bring with you in order to start the registration process. For example, you need to bring a proof of your identity and documents about the company itself. Also, a comprehensive businessplan may be necessary in some cases. Also you have to come up with your companies name. Here it is advisable to here a professional company that guides you throughout the whole process. This will save you time and ensures that you have a good overview of all the necessary steps. So to repeat, there are a few things you have to think about and prepare before you can register you nv company:

  • Identity proof
  • Companies Details 
  • Business plan
  • Name

Also, you will need to think about the type of company you choose. In the Netherlands there is a large number of legal entities to choose from ranging from a private limited to a public liability company, called nv company.