To open a BV or NV?

Welcome at Intercompany Solutions where we today will talk a little bit about a very important question; to open a BV or an NV? The Netherlands is known to be a great location to start a business or open a company. However, it is very important to think about the question BV or NV. The type of business you open comes with a different set of rules and its vital for the so called health of your business to choose the right type. So what is right for you BV or NV. That is the question. So lets talk a bit more about these two types BV or NV. In short we can say that a BV is translated from Dutch as a ‘a private limited liability’ and ‘a public liability.’ Lets start with the NV, thus the public type. When you choose this type you will own, as the description already tells you, a public company, which means chares of it can also be sold. It is always a step to open this kind of company thus it is important to set this company op in the right way. We would suggest to get some help with that. Although it is not difficult, there is definately steps you have to take and you want to take those steps in the right way. We will now give you a couple of examples on how to recognize an NV so that you get a better understanding of the difference in terms of BV or NV. Let me stress that we are taling about the Dutch BV or NV.

  • An NV will always be led by a board of directors;
  • The company is listed which means it can be bought;
  • When formig an NV, a notary needs to be present.

These are just a couple of trades on how to regosnize a NV. But the question we have been meaning to ask al along was: ‘BV or NV?’ That question we can only answer when we tell you something about the BV as a company set up ass well. So here we go. Lets talk about the Dutch BV, or the private one of the two.

NV or BV. Lets look at the private company

The most important difference when looking at a BV versus a NV is that this type of company is private and therefore not to be bought on the stock exchange. The company as such is indeed registered but follows a different set of rules and it is wize, when you decide to open this type of business to be familiar with these rules. An BV or NV rely on a different set of rules and have a different juridical form but obviously they both need to be registered. When you start a business in The Netherlands, BV or NV you will thus always have to register. This is not a very complicated operation, but take in account that you will be ask for a certain information. When you start a BV or NV you will probably have a vision, en goal perhaps that is very clearly formulated in your mind. Take it as an advice however to also put those thoughts on paper to give body to your idea and make the process of building an business already start grow. All companies start with a great idea, what will fallow is the right actions and those are the most important when you want to have succes.

Making the right decision

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