The best fireworks

Virtually everyone likes fireworks. We all get to enjoy that amazing spectacle end the end of December, when we celebrate the start of the new year. Some people really like the explosions and the noise, while others are way more into the beautiful colours and patterns. In the Netherlands, it is only allowed to light fireworks in the last 3 days of the year. The rest of the time people can organize specific events where the products are allowed, but consumers can’t light the stuff themselves. So when you do finally get the chance, you better make the most of it! What are the best fireworks you can buy as a consumer and what do you have to look for in a solid product?

  • Rockets
  • Barrages
  • Candles
  • Fountains and mines

For people that enjoy some gorgeous vista’s, rockets are very suitable. They belong to the category of fireworks of which is sold the most each year. You light one, you and everyone else look up at the sky, and you all enjoy an amazing display of colour and sparks. When you plan on buying a rocket, there are several things you should pay attention too. First up, the way you are going to light it. When you want to light a rocket, you usually encounter a little pin that sticks out of the bottom. You remove this pin and find the piece of string you are supposed to light. Make sure this string is long enough. What often happens is that people light the rocket and barely have enough time to get away. If you want to enjoy the view, you best do it from a distance. The best rockets are usually the ones with a lot of power. When you have the money: buy some rockets that have the maximum legal amount of powder. You are sure that when these rockets explode you get your money’s worth! Usually with smaller rockets, you often just have to hope the bang is worth it. With larger rockets, you can almost always safely assume that you will not be disappointed. Much the same applies to barrages. Barrages are fireworks that shoot several small rockets into the air that explode into thousands of pieces. When lighting these barrages, make sure you don’t accidently light one of the pipes. Try to find the string that connects them all and light all the individual fireworks at once. Barrages come in many different packages. In this case size does matter! A bigger package usually has a higher explosive weight, which means you get more colour and more sparkle. When you have to decide between a rocket and a barrage, the choice really is up to you. Usually a barrage is a little bit more expensive, but you can often enjoy your purchase for a little bit longer. It really depends on what you prefer!

Fireworks: candles and mines

Now with candles the situation is a bit different. These fireworks are safer, but still you have to be a bit careful. When you place a fountain and light it, it will gush out a stream of colour, usually quite a few feet up into the air. Make sure you keep your distance and that you find a fountain that suits you. For children, little fountains are often a good bet. It is more difficult for them to get hurt and they will still enjoy the fun it provides. For adults however, some stronger fountains are usually required. You don’t want to be the guy with the little fountain! Explosive weight is important to determine the value of each fountain. More powder usually means a more spectacular result. Finally mines, the less versatile category. With mines, it is all about the bang. Usually a seller will give an indication of the sound of the mine and will rate it based on a number or grade. By following these grades, you can almost always pick the product that you want. Make sure you adhere to the safety instructions when you light a mine and that you don’t hold them in your hand when you light them. Sometimes youngster see this as a feat of strength, while in fact it can have very serious consequences. Do be careful when lighting fireworks but try to enjoy it above all else!

Broken products

Every year we all encounter that one rocket that doesn’t explode or that one mine that ignites just a bit too quickly. Broken or faulty products are a serious risk when lighting fireworks. Therefore, when buying fireworks, always make sure you can trust the retailer. On you’ll find the best fireworks for the best prices. Every product is rated, so that you can instantly see how much noise it will make or how much explosive weight it has. On the website you can also apply specific filters so that you find the products you are looking for much more effectively. Are you a parent and is this the first time your kids are going to partake in the festivities? Then make sure you buy fireworks from a seller you can trust. Your kids will love lighting the rockets with you and you don’t have to worry the products won’t deliver. What are you waiting for? Click on the link above to look at the entire collection. There is something for everyone, go and have a look!