Starting out in the Netherlands by getting on the Dutch company register

Starting out in the Netherlands by getting on the Dutch company registerIf you wish to take advantage of the fantastic business opportunities and conditions in the Netherlands, which are open to almost anybody, one of the first steps is to get onto the Dutch company register. The Dutch company register is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. To be allowed to run a business in the Netherlands and to enjoy the low rates of taxations, excellent logical organisation and highly skilled workforce that then becomes available, your company must be on the Dutch company register, maintained by the Dutch equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce, called the Kamer van Koophandel. This is a one-off process, which you only have to do immediately before starting your company. You do not have renew your registration annually or at any other time. To get your business on to the Dutch company register only costs 50 euros. So far, so good. There are, however, complications. The 50 euro fee to sign on to the Dutch company register is absolutely a bargain, but it must be paid in a Kamer van Koophandel office. That is no big deal if you live in a large city in the Netherlands, but is an awful lot tricker if not, particularly if you are outside of the country. Registering your company on the Dutch company register is a short, quick process, but it must be done within one week before starting to trade with your business and one week after, otherwise you will incur a fine. This is a restrictive time frame, given that start dates can be complicated by all sorts of business related issues. Signing up is possible online, but that is of course entirely in Dutch, which is more than a little inconvenient if you do not speak the language fluently, or at all. So you may well find that, to get your business in the Netherlands up and running, you need expert helps. Fortunately, help is at hand.

Who can help you to get on to the Dutch company register?

There are companies specialised in helping people to set up a business in the Netherlands, including  getting their business onto the Dutch company register. One such company is called “Setup Your Dutch Company.” Their website,, proclaims that they can help you to set up your Dutch company within 5 days. This is more than just being on the Dutch company register. They provide help in:

  • Obtaining a BTW (tax) number;
  • Getting a Dutch bank account;
  • Translation services;
  • Local ‘substance’ to help meet all legal requirements;
  • Appointing shareholders where necessary.

All communication and registration work is handled by their company, and they guarantee that everything will be finalised with the necessary schedule. Using a company such as Setup Your Dutch Company saves a lot of time and effort, as well as money compared to going it alone.

Why choose the Netherlands over other countries?

If your trade or service is international, you have plenty of choice when it comes to a location to establish your business. If you wish to operate primarily in Europe, the Netherlands is the best option available. The tax rates for businesses are particularly low and regulation is business friendly, which is part of the reason that the Netherlands has such a strong economy. The country is politically stable and has very strong links to other large economies, including Great Britain, the United States of America and Germany. All of these reasons and more are excellent reasons to get yourself and your business onto the Dutch company register.