Prevent legionella with the products of Factory Lab

Legionella has many unpleasant consequences. That is why it is best to prevent legionella. Preventing legionella is done by having Factory Lab carry out an inspection once in a while. With advanced techniques you immediately know where the risk areas are and what you need to pay extra attention to to prevent legionella. We are happy to tell you more about the development of legionella and how to prevent legionella. This way you have a better picture of preventing legionella.

Preventing legionella starts with knowledge

Preventing Legionella starts with knowledge about this bacterium and how it develops. The legionella bacterium grows in water with a temperature between 20 and 50 degrees Celsius. If the water comes into the air in very small droplets, someone can breathe the bacteria and become infected. The bacterium occurs naturally in soil and in water. Most people do not get sick when they breathe in the legionella bacteria. If complaints arise, this usually happens within two to ten days after the bacterium has been inhaled. Some people get mild, flu-like symptoms. That will go over again after a few days. Sometimes legionella bacteria cause serious pneumonia. This is also known as Legionnaires disease or legionella lung inflammation. This pneumonia can be so severe that people can die from it. There is no vaccine against the legionella bacteria, treatment with antibiotics is possible. That is why it is good to prevent legionella. This prevents you or your environment from becoming infected and that no diseases or even deaths occur. Legionella can be prevented in the following ways:  

  • Make sure that the water is not warmer than 25 degrees Celsius
  • Place an ultrafilter at the beginning of the water installation
  • The contaminated water should not come through the tap.
  • Place a UV system immediately after the water meter, on the main pipe
  • Water is passed along UV light, causing DNA and cell processes of the bacteria to be damaged 
  • Automatically or manually adding a chemical, usually based on chlorine.

By performing one or more of the above actions you can prevent legionella. This reduces the risk of legionella infection. However, you must at all times have a periodic check to see if the risk areas do not show a higher bacterial content. Only in this way you can prevent the risk of legionella.

All information you need

Factory Lab is your specialist in legionella and everything that has to do with indoor climate and the agriculture sector. Our company uses expert professionals who can advise you in every field. In addition, all our products and services are connected to LoRa, a long range radio network. With LoRa we can store all data in a database, so that you know at a glance what the risk areas are and how you can respond to them.We can support you both in the prevention of legionella and soil moisture measurements. In addition, there are a number of services available for you at Factory Lab. Take a look at our website, You can also contact us for any advice or answers on all of your questions. You can find our contact details on our website. Of course you can always fill out our contact form. Once we have received your information we will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your questions and provide you with advice. This way you always have a clear picture of our activities and you know where you stand.