Looking for a virtual office in The Netherlands?

Having a virtual office has several advantages. This is the reason why more and more companies choose to have a virtual office in The Netherlands. At easystartoffice, we help entrepeneurs from all over the country to set up their virtual office in The Netherlands in a way they can get a maximum profit out of it. Are you looking for a virtual office in The Netherlands? With help of easystartoffice, setting up such an office is easy and inexpensive. 

Advantages of a virtual office in The Netherlands

Most entrepeneurs open up a virtual office because they want to separate their business activities from Looking for a virtual office in The Netherlands?their private life. Of course, this mostly applies to business owners that operate from home. If you have no office at home or elsewhere but want to have a separate adress for your business, you can apply for a virtual office in The Netherlands at easystartoffice. Working from home often gives potential clients the impression that a business is not succesful. Having a representable business adress helps to give your company more status and allure. We have offices in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, where other business owners also have their virtual offices. If you want to make use of office space, an extra fee is charged. You can rent an office per day, where a fast internet connection is provided. This makes it possible to hold meetings and talk to clients in a nice environment that is not related to your home office. Here, it is also possible to work together with other entrepeneurs and to expand your network. With a virtual office in The Netherlands your home adress will not be known at the Chamber of Commerce. This makes it harder for commercial parties to find you. Last, with a virtual office it is often possible to gain some tax advantages when your company is not registered on your home adress. It is advisable to discuss this with your own accountant to get more information about this option.

How does it work?

easystartoffice holds two offices in The Netherlands that are used for setting up virtual offices. Currenty, we are located at:

  • Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam

At the Chamber of Commerce, you register your company with the adress of one of our locations. We will provide you with all the information you will need to do this. This includes the lease agreement of the location for which you have registered. After registration, you are officially in possession of a virtual office. Mail can be sent to this adress, after which we can send it to your home adress. We do this as fast as possible. Our staff is not permitted to open any mail or packages. Are you interested in a virtual office in The Netherlands? We currently have room for more business owners on both locations. Please contact us via our website. If you have any questions, our employees are more than willing to provide the answers and to set up your virtual office today. With our help, it is possible to have a representable office location for less than 100 euro’s per month.