Guitar straps

overdrivestraps - Guitar strapsEnjoy making your music more with the guitar straps available on These are handmade straps specially made for guitars in the most exciting colours and prints. The original straps are designed by the musician Cissie Goumare. Her designs are inspired by heavy rock music. When you enter the stage with one of these on your guitar, your entrance will be fabulous immediately. These are real eye-catchers everywhere you go.

Next to the colours and prints, the material is also perfect. Only the best quality is used to make these guitar straps. The best quality of fabric is used and the best quality leather and hardware materials. Since Cissie Goumare is a guitar musician herself, she knows what is needed to hold you guitar at its best. She knows how the instrument feels and must feel when you’re on stage. She’s always very selective in choosing her own guitar gear. Especially good quality guitar straps with a unique look were difficult to find. Therefore she decided to design them by herself and started Overdrive Straps.

The best gear

On the website the following three guitar straps are available:

  • Seatbelt straps
  • Retro Fabric straps
  • Full Leather straps

All straps are handmade, consist of strong materials like heavy duty hardware and full-grain belting leather. For each product you have the possibility to choose between different colours and prints. The seatbelt straps are one-colour products. Colours in this category are green, beige, red and blue. In case you like prints more, the retro fabric straps are more suitable for your. Prints you can find are the aztek-print or the Woodstock kind with the psychedelic 60’s print with the colours red, white, blue and black. The Maya Forest Green strap has warm colours like orange, yellow and green. The hardware of the products are available in bronze of silver, the leather is available in brown, black and white. You can choose yourself which combination you want for your own guitar strap. You can also choose the length, the guitar straps are available in the lengths 62” inch (160 cm) and 71” inch (180 cm).

The full leather straps are slim black full leather straps. They are stylish, slim and strong and ideal to use as guitar straps. Some leather straps also have different kind of prints on them, but you can also buy them in one colour. The prints are the same as the prints for the retro fabric kinds.

Made with passion

It is clear the products are made with passion for music and especially guitar music. Cissie Goumare has thought of the best materials to be sure they fit best. Next to the best materials she has also thought of the most original prints and colours. Every musician is looking for something unique to express its own creativity. Quality, comfort and creativity are all processed in these wonderful guitar straps of Overdrive Straps. They are built to last, not only the straps, but also your guitar. With these materials you’re sure you can hold your guitar without any concerns. You can focus on your music and perform the best you can on stage. Choose the best colour or print which also represents you and your music. Your performance is complete with the best gear. You have your guitar, your outfit and a striking strap you have chosen from the guitar straps collection of Overdrive Straps made by the musician Cissie Goumare. You will shine at your best when you perform with your own strap matching you and your music.