Get the best vision camera for your project with an USB3 camera

Vision cameras are excellent cameras for recording production processes or as a part of your production system. At GeTCameras, you will find the best industrial cameras for a fair price. We sell vision cameras made by Daheng Imaging. This company has been producing vision cameras for over 25 years and never fails to deliver high quality cameras. The newest vision camera use the USB3 protocol. This makes a USB3 camera easy to use, since the camera can be connected to any computer with a USB3 port. Earlier versions of industrial cameras made use of the USB of USB2 protocol. With USB3, the speed and connection quality of the camera has improved. This gives you a steady performance, no matter the environment. Our cameras are shock absorbing and have a long life span. If you are looking for your next USB3 camera or if your cameras need an upgrade, our Daheng Imaging cameras might just be the right buy. 

Ordering your USB3 camera

At GeTCameras we take orders from one to 200 cameras. A USB3 camera is accessible to you if you only have a small project or if you need a large batch of high quality vision cameras. Of course, we sell all accessoiries needed for a fully functioning camera. In our webshop you will find, next to a USB3 camera, the following:

  • cables
  • lenses
  • adapters

Next to our superb USB3 camera, we also offer USB and USB2 cameras and related products. It is possible to keep your USB cameras or USB2 cameras in good condition with our accessoiries. Ordering your USB3 camera is easy. As our customer, you only need to choose the right camera for your project and place the order via the webshop. The camera will be delivered to you in several days. Unsure which camera is suitable for your needs? Contact us or read our blog for more information about vision cameras. Our experts on USB cameras gladly offer more information about our products. All user manuals are available on our website. Simply click on the right manual that belongs to your product on the ‘Downloads’ page. If you encounter any complications using your USB3 camera, our support team can help you out. Our FAQ page gives answers to questions our customers often ask. Our low prices and good service make us stand out among other sellers of industrial cameras. Take advantage of our product portfolio and order your industrial cameras today at GeTCameras


Outstanding quality against good prices. How is that possible? We can offer our industrial cameras for a price up to 50% lower than other sellers. We are able to do this because of smart and efficient workflows, highly automated processes and no excess features on our products. We believe in a simple approach. At the same time our products are tested well and all our customers receive a warranty of at least three years on all our cameras. Our USB3 camera is also tested well and sold with this warranty. For more information about the technical aspects of our camera, please visit our website or contact us.