Dutch company register with Set Up Your Dutch Company

Do you have a dream of setting up your business in The Netherlands? Or do you simply want to expand your business to another country? Many have tried to set up a business in a foreign country before you, that’s a fact. However, not everyone succeeds at this while all can say to not underestimate the whole process. It would be a good idea to call in for help if you are not at all familiar with the laws and business world of The Netherlands. This is also the exact reason why Set Up Your Dutch Company exists: they will help you with your Dutch company register. 

Why Dutch company register

If you are still not entirely sure about your choice of dutch company register, then it may be a good idea to lay out the facts and advantages compared to other countries you may think of. To clarify some things for you and to save you from doing extra work, there is a list with some positive points gathered together. 

  • The most common and the most well-known advantage of dutch company register is the low amount of corporate tax rates of The Netherlands for businesses. The lowest tax rate in the tiny country for a company is around 20 percent.
  • As you probably know, The Netherlands is a member of the European Union like many other countries in Europe. What this means for your company in particular is that there will simply be no VAT costs for transactions held with other countries that are a member of the European Union. 
  • Another reason why dutch company register is a smart thing to do, is that the European country actually has a strong and stable economy. Of course, there have been crisises, but thanks to the stability of the dutch economy, the damage has been minimized up to now. 
  • A lot of the dutch population is actually able to speak another language besides dutch. In the older population you may find that plenty are able to speak French or German as well, and likely english too. A large majority of the younger population is also able to understand a second language like French and German and speak English fluently as well. Dutch company register therefore means that holding international  relations won’t be too much of a problem. 

Dutch company register: residency and permits

If you currently have the citizenship of a country that is not a member of the European Union or the EEA, nor are you a citizen of Switzerland, then you unfortunately have more worries and things to take care of than other people. This matter is about residency. If you belong to the category described above, then you will have to look into a permit in order to dutch company register. There are a total of two permits that you could look into: there is a self-employed permit and the start-up permit.

There could thus be some extra work that you have to do, or less work, than you initially thought. Either way, for dutch company register it is a good idea to call in help. Set Up Your Dutch Company will always be ready to successfully help you to dutch company register!